Evolutionary academy

Evolutionary academy
The most fundamental building block of the civilization is an individual. An individual in harmony and alignment within and with the world is the creator of our new future. At ATMAN, we develop building blocks of our future - we develop world leaders of the future.

Every individual is unique - everything from their challenges to their purpose. We offer a complete spectrum of services to activate individuals’ full potential by accelerating their evolution. We only work with individuals who intend to use their expanded power to serve the world.

Holistic Multi-Expert Programs

ATMAN Alignment
3mo Group Program + 3-Day Retreat
Next cohort starts in May 2024
Designed to introduce an individual
to the fundamentals of a happy and harmonious life - the real foundation of high-performance and high-impact leadership. Covering such topics as flow state, focus, emotions, ego, masculine & feminine, health, money, and more.

9,000 EUR for 3mo +

9,000 EUR for Retreat

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ATMAN Acceleration
3 - 6mo Individual Program

Multi-expert and multi-modality program uniquely designed for each individual to accelerate their evolution. Focuses on aligning individual with their purpose and activating their superpowers while removing any imbalance in their life
(health, relationships, finance, etc).

30,000 EUR -
60,000 EUR
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ATMAN Action
Ongoing Support

Timely sessions to support an individual
throughout their day-to-day life
as they bring their core vision into reality.
Includes everything from personalized meditations to profound transformative experiences.

3,000 EUR/mo -

8,000 EUR/mo
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Phone: +1 (929) 99-ATMAN
E-mail: leaders@atman.co
Dobrota, Montenegro